We believe that a strong system of practice centered on our investment philosophy is the key to our success. This has proven itself as we have consistently delivered remarkable results for our shareholders or Corporate Members all over the world. As a result, our investment basket has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.

With a right system of practice, we are able to respond to opportunities in the marketplace that maximized returns and in turn create more opportunities for our Corporate Members and business partners. Central to our system of practice is we are focused on three primary areas

Our Experience

We invest in building and maintaining the best team possible. We are passionately keen on driven, passionate and incredibly knowledgeable individuals to join us. Every single investment advisor and manager in our team is dedicated to our collective cause, and is capable of consistently meting out high performance scores.


Investment methodology

We process massive amounts of data in real time every single day. An efficient and dynamic strategy that involves both old fashion data analysis and cutting edged technology is required to valuate complex derivatives. By adopting this proactive investment methodology, we are able to identify the overpriced and mispriced assets in the markets we are involved in.

Asset Research Protocol

We undertake an extensive research that has an inside out, bottom up approach to investment. Our Asset Research Protocol is intuitive and analytical, and involves actual fieldwork undertaken by our people from various regional representatives. They analyze and investigate through the underlying assets, and then make dependable and informed investment decisions.